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Natural Healing

Herbal formulas are created to help the body rejuvenate and restore health.
Ancient Egyptians used hundreds of herbs for healing and health. The “Ebers Papyrus” dates from around 3550 BC. Ancient writing of Hippocrates (lived 460 to 370 BC) and Materia Medica (Science of Healing Drugs) of Pelanius Dioscurides (AD 40 to 90) wrote a compendium of more than 500 plants that remained an authoritative reference into the 17th century.
Indian herbal medicine has the Susbruta Sambita and describes 700 medicinal plants.
TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine also has a long history of herbivore and practical application. The Shennong Bencao Jing, compiled during the Han Dynasty dating back to a much earlier date, possibly 2700 BC, lists 365 medicinal plants and their uses.
Medical schools known as Bimaristan began to appear from the 9th century in the medieval Islamic world, and Ibn al-Baitar described more than 1,400 different plants and foods with over 300 of which were his own original discoveries, in the 13th century.
Both Henry the Eighth and Elizabeth the First were avid herbalist, Henry the Eighth passed laws (1543) allowing people to continue to practice Herbal medicine so the ordinary person who’ll have access to medical care.
The WHO recognises that for most of the world, herbal treatments are used as a necessity and Herblore is a vital tradition.

Herbalism is a healing art that sees the person in a holistic manner, the mind, the body, the spirit as one. Lifting one’s frame of mind with a herbal tea is as important as making a poultice for a boil or a rash. Healing is about bringing a balance back in a gentle, nurturing way that limits side effects.Diet and exercise are also an important aspect of Herbal treatment. Meditation can also be used to calm the mind and body.

There are four main categories of relative causes of illness of the physical body, but in truth only one!!  Smoking, Alcohol, Diet and Stress are the four, but the main one is STRESS. Most often smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating a poor diet are due to feeling stressed.

Stress causes people to mentally feel frustrated and angry, or sad and depressed. Frustration and anger, as well as sadness and depression, affect your physical body.
Stress causes the release of hormones and other chemicals in the body, which promote a weakening of the immune system, changes in blood pressure, redistribution of fat, ability of the blood to clot, etc. resulting in imbalances in the various systems (nervous, muscular, vascular, hormonal, skeletal, pro-genital, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive) of the physical body, leading to conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.

Remember that your thoughts create your life. That which you resist persists, as too much of your mind is focusing on that which you don’t want, not on what you do want.

WHOLISTIC WELLNESS offers free resources for you, click on the link HEALING PROTOCOLS and you will find information to assist yourself in healing your body. Our herbal supplements are formulated to support your body, each supplement has been tried and tested, using 100% pure organic herbs, no fillers are added, and the capsules are vegi caps. If you have any questions about your health please make contact with our Nutritionist. Our supplements have not been evaluated by the MCC and are not intended to treat diagnose or cure any ailment. We recommend you work with a health care professional and do not recommend any herbal supplement if you are taking chronic medication unless agreed by your Doctor.

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