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About Aggela

Aggela Foteni background:


She has reversed her own auto-immune disease for the last 9 years. She was classified as having a Psycho-neuro Lupus attacking the spinal chord and brain tissue. Her Neuro-surgeon identified her with 5 large brain lesions that progressively effected her ability to run her business, left her exhausted with loss of cognitive ability. It was only when she found her pain intolerable and “recall memory” of everyday events effected, so much so, that she was bedridden for most days and unable to remember her sons names, that she realised she was desperate for answers. After 2 years, of seeking specialist intervention as to cause without any success, she started looking into alternative medicine as a modality.

She was 36 when she landed up with numbness on the right side of her body with loss of balance. She got to a point where the neurological pain was so intense, that she had difficulty getting up and had 9 surgeries to her spine due to degenerative disc disease and blood clotting disorders which resulted in 3 embolisms in the lungs (Anti-phospholipid disease). Over a period of 10 years, the doctors kept changing the diagnosis from Sciatica, slipped disc, degenerative discs, Cauda Equina with loss of bladder control to Anti-phospholipid syndrome & Psycho-Neuro Lupus to lesions.

She  decided to seek a different approach when she was given limited time to live by her Rheumatologist due to the Lupus attacking the brain and spinal chord. Her eldest autistic son, begged her to go find a cure to heal herself. Demoralized and exhausted, she recalls telling him at the time ‘that the doctors say there is no cure’ and his response was-‘ then go find your own cure’ as I cannot live without you.

After years of trying numerous doctors and experiencing first hand the physical limitations of modern medicine in finding actual cause , she consulted with various alternative integrated specialists from Russia and Europe. She was amazed at the results that indicated her condition could be attributed to the infiltration of various pathogens that had gone undetected. She had Lyme disease, Toxoplasmosis Gondi (parasitic infection from cats), Mycoplasma Pneumonia , Q-fever, Parasitic co-infections throughout the discs and brain as well as toxic chemicals and heavy metals that her bodies immune system could not remove. After testing with an infectious disease specialist, she was surprised to confirm the pathogens but decided against antibiotics. She needed to address urgently the liver disease as a result of all the chronic medication she had been prescribed which the liver was unable to eliminate.

In 2011, she refused chemotherapy and embarked on alternative training from Russian integrative doctors that focused on helping the body to heal naturally by weakening the pathogens and detoxifying the eliminatory organs most effected. She fully recovered in 9 months by utilizing the bio-resonance & quantum scanners as an instrument to measure her progress. She continues to believe that one has the ability to HEAL -THY-SELF with the right tools to identify what is causing your DIS-Ease. She believes that wellness is pivotal to managing your life but we need to embrace a natural way to improve our health. She utilises mostly herbs and other detoxification modalities to assist the body to regenerate and heal and her and others results, prove that with the right targeted approach, the body can heal.

Through Bio-Resonance and other technologies, she was coached on how to detect electrical shifts in 30+ organs and isolate pathogens i.e. bacteria, viruses , parasites , fungus etc. as well as other toxins lurking deep in the bones and tissues. She has clearly proven with clients struggling with pathogens, how their vitamins and minerals restore themselves once you weaken the parasite /or restore the immune system. Dis-ease relates to toxicity or deficiency in some form and she has managed to coach clients over the years on how to reduce inflammation , allergies and blood sugar abnormalities that further lead to degenerative conditions. Unless the true cause of deficiencies is addressed, a person will land up with a medical condition ‘with a diagnosis’ by doctors and in most cases the prognosis is a life of chronic medication as the known cause is unknown. This sadly results ultimately in further dis-ease and loss of quality of life. Her approach is not about accepting that there is no cure or just managing symptoms but isolating root cause. By using science to isolate which organ/s of the body is effected, the practitioner is able to develop a programme targeting organs that are dis-eased and custom make a recovery programme that is unique per patient. The re-testing 3 months later proves how the body has reversed the cause and the results speak for themselves.

The treatment protocol extends to the use of organic herbs and natural medicine to assist the body in restoring itself using natures trademark. She strongly believe that the body can heal itself if you support it with the right treatments and if you can isolate the cause. Unfortunately, we have so many people who are fixated on the way they look with little worry as to the waste in side their bodies. She coaches people on changing their lifestyle to make healthier choices and to be aware of not weight by harmful toxins and chemicals we ingest, inhale and apply on our bodies.

She has also reversed both sons Lyme Disease and co-infections as well as toxicity and heavy metal damage. Their regression and learning disorders as well as diagnosis of autism, reversed. She did this by scanning them for pathogens hiding in the tissue. They progressed from remedial school to main stream education within a year and are now financially independent and living abroad. She has further assisted many patients with learning difficulties, brain fog, skin conditions, cancer, arthritis, psoriasis, tinnitus, epilepsy, migraine, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis etc. as many of these symptoms are the bodies way of alerting you to a deeper cause.

With chronic diseases , she also coaches patients to use psych -k (Bruce Lipton ) training on how to re-program the sub-conscious mind to overcome past trauma. She has worked with shamans and coaches on how suppressed emotions can cause blockages/ thought patterns that can manifest physically in the form of dis-ease.

What is Bio-Resonance?

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The human body is a compilation of a number of cells, which are in continuous growth development, differentiation and regeneration. 25 Million cells are divided every second in an adult’s body, and the body’s blood cells consistently renew at the rate of about 100 million cells per minute. In the process of cell division and growth, those charged bodies of atomic nucleus are constantly moving and changing and in the process constantly emitting electromagnetic waves.

Dr Reinhold Voll discovered in 1959 that the body’s organs emitted different measurable electromagnetic waves. By decoding these waves with a device like bioresonance, one can quickly and accurately assesses the body’s health status.

The electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represents the specific health state of the body. When the body is healthy or under pressure from a disease the waves are different. By measuering these specific electromagnetic wave signals, one can determine the status of the body’s condition. By applying this principle and traditional Chinese acupuncture analysis, the scanner can be described as a sophisticated “electric formalization” of quantum energy healing. Quantum healing considers that the most fundamental reason of falling sick is that the spin of electrons outside the atomic nucleus and the orbit change, thereby causing the change of atoms that in turn cause the change of small bio-molecules, the change of big bio-molecules, the change of all the cells and finally the change of organs. Because the electron is a charged matter, when the spin of electrons outside the atomic nucleus and the orbit change, the electromagnetic wave emitted by the atoms will change and this change can be measured by instruments like the bioresonance scanner.




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